Gourmet Popcorn

Fresh, perfectly flavored popcorn
at the touch of a button

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Pop Mate makes perfectly flavored gourmet popcorn with pre-measured portion pods. Set it and forget it.

Choose Your Flavor

Pop it in

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Easy to Clean

Automated Tilt & Rotation

Foolproof Popping

Perfectly Flavored

Ready in Minutes

6 Popped Cups Per Batch

Flavor Profiles

Made from quality ingredients.

Buttery Movie


Kettle Corn

Cheddar Pop

Jalapeño Hot Sauce

Tuscan Herb

Rosemary Parmesan

And More!

Earth Friendly
Popcorn Pods

We love the earth as much as you do. So we worked with leading scientists to develop cutting-edge packaging that breaks down in a landfill within a few years*

*As opposed to the hundreds of years for traditional plastics.

Foolproof Popping

Pop Mate evenly heats all your kernels with an induction heat source. The patent pending tilt and rotation action makes perfectly flavored popcorn with no mess or hassle.

Ready In Minutes

6 cups of perfectly flavored popcorn in 4 minutes.

Easy Clean Up

Simply wipe down with a cloth between uses. The bowl and some parts are detachable and dishwasher safe.

Netflix & Chomp

“Perfect for a countertop popcorn maker, my kids love making theater popcorn at home, without the mess”

- Mandy K.
Super Mom

“This popcorn machine is awesome and I get to enjoy all my favorite flavors. It has brought extra fun to many movie nights”

- Stephen C.
Movie Junkie

“After using this, you won't want another bag of microwave popcorn. It is easy to use and pops almost every kernel. No more burned popcorn!”

- Maria B.
Popcorn Connoisseur